Standing Properties to Renovate/Complete
Property for Sale Marche Name:
Casa Icona
Structurally Restored House to Finish with Fully Habitable Attached Cottage
Sant'Angelo in Pontano
Approx. Structure Size:
  • House:
    240 sqm.
  • Outbuilding:
    87 sqm. Cottage, 23 sqm. Garage
Land Included:
1,500 sqm.
Extra Land Available:

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Travelers to Le Marche very quickly come to know the icons of the Marchigiana landscape – Monte Conero at the Adriatic Sea…The Sibillini Mountains…the Gran Sasso in Abruzzo…Monte San Vicino to the north and certain hill-towns that rise above the rest.  A house with any of these icons in the view is special.  Having all of them in the view is impossible, right?  NO, it’s possible alright and we’ve seen it, at Casa Icona, where this amazingly well-built, structurally restored house with habitable cottage and garage has ALL these icons in the view.  You won’t believe it until you see it!

We couldn’t believe on our first visit to Casa Icona.  Those individual icons that form a great view unto themselves were ALL visible from the plot.  Amazing.  But, there they were, all of them…The Gran Sasso down south, Monte Conero and a strip of Adriatic Sea to the east, the Sibillini Mountains to the southwest, Monte San Vicino to the north and the iconic hill-town of San Ginesio dead center.  We have never seen all these great features in one view, from one house.  That is, until we visited Casa Icona.

It’s easy to get caught up in the views at Casa Icona.  But, there’s so much more there to talk about.  The house itself was built by a builder to LIVE IN, not to sell.  The build quality is excellent and the house was constructed to meet all the latest standards for earthquake resistance.  More than a dozen piles, 10 meters long, anchor the house to the underlying bedrock. Everywhere you look you see quality in the build.  You see how the steel girders allow for open-plan architecture.  The beams are robust and carefully wrapped in protective plaster to avoid any issues prior to you selecting their final color. The roof is ventilated to promote heating in winter and cooling in summer and the foundation is done to promote both thermal insulation and anti-damp properties.  The exterior stone work is first-rate, with gorgeous local stones and expert pointing.

This category of house – structurally restored awaiting finish work – is prized, and, there are very few of them on the market.  They’re prized for several reasons – first, all permissions have been granted and all the heavy construction work has been completed.  Second, it allows the buyer to fully customize the finish, from most room divisions to all bathroom design and fittings, floor tiles, energy systems, lighting systems, paint and exposed stone walls…YOU get to decide how Casa Icona is finished.

As currently arrayed, Casa Icona can be a 3-4 bedroom, 240 sqm. house.  The ground floor is around 150 sqm and the 1st floor comes in close to 90 sqm. so the house has an interesting form and is not the typical boxy design one sees.  On the ground floor there is a proper entryway with an arch and very high ceilings.  There’s an open plan living and dining area, a kitchen, a breakfast room, bathroom, and a room that can be bedroom #4 or an office or library.  Moving upstairs, there are 3 bedrooms, two of which can be finished ensuite and there is a family bathroom.  All rooms have big views and lovely beamed ceilings.

A terrific added-value at Casa Icona that makes the house much more interesting and a much bigger overall value for your money, is the fact that it comes with an attached, fully habitable 87 sqm. 2-bedroom cottage.  It has central heating, broadband internet, a living room, dining and kitchen area.  The 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom are on the 1st floor.  This cottage can be your residence while you oversee the final finishing of the main house.  It can be integrated into the main house to create a 5-6 bedroom house.  For those of you who wish to run a B&B or other hospitality business, you can live in the cottage as the “owner’s residence” while guest stay in the main house.  The flexibility afforded by this cottage and the value it adds to the proposition at Casa Icona cannot be overstated.  Note, too, that a 23 sqm. garage is also included at Casa Icona.

Casa Icona’s plot is 1500 sqm…not big, but big enough.  We like to think of it as the plot for the person who’d rather be enjoying the immense views than thinking about an immense land maintenance task.  The plot is super private and peaceful…it enjoys amazing sunsets and full sun coverage.  A pool can easily be sited on the plot.  There is no road to build or maintain as Casa Icona’s drive sits off a town maintained road.

Casa Icona is just a couple of kilometers from the centro storico of Sant’Angelo in Pontano, a lovely Marche hill-town with all manner of shopping, dining and services.  The town has 2 supermarkets, cafes and restaurants as well as postcard-like views from its panoramic walkways.  Casa Icona is 10 minutes to multiple classic hill-towns (Loro Piceno, San Ginesio, Colmurano, etc.) and 15 minutes to elegant Servigliano.  Aside from seeing all of Le Marche’s icons, Casa Icona is perfectly situated for enjoying all there is to see, sample and sip in Le Marche.  Adriatic beaches are 40 minutes away as is the Sibillini Mountains National Park with trails, picnic areas, skiing and lots more.  Two renowned vineyards – Saputi & La Murola – are 10-15 minutes away as is the wonderful Fiastra Abbey nature preserve.  Provincial capital Macerata is 20 minutes away and the Ancona airport is a 1:10 drive from Casa Icona.

So, if you’ve always dreamed of your iconic villa in Le Marche, stop dreaming and start enjoying it all, right from your plot at Casa Icona.